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Electric parking brake (EPB), power sliding doors, precrash seat belt tensioners

Nowadays, more and more automotive applications rely on electronic control, including electric parking brakes (EPB), power sliding doors and precrash seat belt tensioners. The H-bridge circuit configuration is most commonly used to drive motors for these applications. Fabricated using the latest silicon process, the DPAK+ MOSFET Series for motor drive applications delivers low on-resistance, as well as low wiring resistance by the use of a Cu connector. These characteristics combine to help reduce the system power consumption. Toshiba also offers pre-drivers that integrate various detection circuits (for undervoltage detection, FET short-circuit detection, thermal shutdown), a charge pump and a high-speed pre-driver circuit.

Schema a blocchi applicazione

System Block Diagram

Prodotti consigliati

Block Type Package Part Number Polarity/Generation Feature
Motor drive Relay drive IPD PS8 TPD7211F BiCD process Half bridge MOSFET Gate drive.
MOSFET DPAK+ TK65S04N1L Nch/VIII 40 V/65 A/4.3 mΩ max
TK100S04N1L 40 V/100 A/2.3 mΩ max
TK1R4S04PB Nch/IX 40 V/120 A/1.35 mΩ max
TK90S06N1L Nch/VIII 60 V/90 A/3.3 mΩ max
TJ60S04M3L Pch/VI -40 V/-60 A/6.3 mΩ max
TJ80S04M3L -40 V/-80 A/5.2 mΩ max
TJ60S06M3L -60 V/-60 A/11.2 mΩ max
SOP Advance
TPHR7904PB Nch/IV 40 V/150 A/0.79 mΩ max
TPH1R104PB 40 V/120 A/1.14 mΩ max
Relay Driver MOSFET SOT23F
SSM3K337R Active Clamp Nch 38 V/2 A, 0.2 Ω@4 V
SSM3H137TU Nch + ZD 34 V/2 A, 0.28Ω@4.5 V
Pre- driver IPD WQFN-32 TPD7212F** BiCD process 3 Phase Full Bridge Nch MOSFET Gate drive.
MCD HTSSOP48 TB9052FNG H-Bridge Pre-Driver, Current sensor, Topr: -40 to 125℃
LQFP48 TB9057FG H-Bridge Pre-Driver, Current sensor, Topr: -40 to 125℃
Power Supply Regulators SSOP20 TB9005FNG Single output (external transistors required), LDO (5V), Watchdog timer, Topr: -40 to 125℃
HTSSOP16 TB9021FNG Single output (with integrated output transistors), LDO (5 V, 200 mA), Window-Watchdog timer, Topr: -40 to 125℃
BipTr New PW-Mold TTA005 PNP -50 V/-5 A/hFE 200 min
TTB002 -60 V/-6 A/hFE 100 min

** Under Development


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