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Microcontrollers for Digital Single-lens Reflex Cameras (DSLRs)

Leading-edge technology is always required for semiconductor devices used for digital still cameras. Toshiba offer customers a wide range of microcontrollers with features appropriate for high-speed, multipoint focus control and lens control.

The basic concept of the product

Toshiba's microcontrollers for digital still cameras support customers' technology with various functions. We will create the possibility for higher-quality products. For digital still camera applications, we offer the product lineups from the TX19A series and the high-function 32-bit RISC microcontrollers from TX03 series (Arm® Cortex®- M3 core) and TX04 series (Arm® Cortex®- M4 core with FPU),which have high-speed multiply accumulators, high speed AD converters, large-capacity RAMs. These products contain a high-speed AD converter and features suitable for controlling the main body of digital still cameras, such as AF / AE control (calculation) and a dial input circuit.

System Block

System block of Microcontrollers (MCU) for Digital Video Cameras  Go to Microcontroller Lineup for Controlling a LensGo to Microcontroller Lineup for Controlling a System

System Block Diagram for Controlling Interchangeable Lenses for DSCs

System block diagram for controlling interchangeable lenses for DSCs  Go to Microcontroller Lineup for Controlling a Lens


Features of Microcontrollers (MCU) for Digital Video Cameras  

High-Speed Multipoint AF

  • High-speed AD converter (for processing analog signals from an AF sensor)
  • High-speed multiply accumulate operation

Recommended products >> TMPM440

Reduced Standby Power Consumption

  • Reduced power consumption at key sensing
  • Low power consumption due to dynamic pull-ups
  • Key-on wake-up function

Recommended products >> TMPM440

Suitable for Dial Input

  • Two-phase pulse count input

Recommended products >> TMPM440

Lens Control

  • 12-bit AD converter
  • 10-bit DA converter
  • High-speed PWM

Recommended products >> TMPM342  TMPM343

Large Number of External Interrupt Lines

  • INT interrupts

High-Speed E2PROM Supported

  • High-speed serial communication

Motor Control with Sync Start Control

  • PPG (PWM)

Recommended products >> TMPM440



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