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Results of commendations for environmental activities awarded to the Electronic Devises & Storage Company Group

* The names of companies and organizations are at the time of prize awarded.

The following is a list of major awards former Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company won in FY2015.  We received high evaluations on our environmental activities in Japan and abroad, e.g., “Model Effort Award for Environmental Measures (Minister of the Environment Award) in FY2015 and 3Rs Awards in Thailand.

Award Titles Evaluated Points Evaluated Entity
Good Governance Project 2015
Best Practice Award
Local environmental preservation activities Toshiba Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
3Rs Awards Construct waste management system addressing 3Rs
Zero Waste to Landfill Award(3Rs Plus)
Bronze Medal Prize
Construct waste (3Rs) management system and achieved Government`s criteria of the "Zero Waste to Landfill Award."
Award from Department of Energy (DOE) “DON EMILIO ABELLO ENERGY EFFICIENCY AWARDS Proactive efforts to promote energy efficiency and achieve conservation goal. Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc.
Model Effort Award for Environmental Measures
Minister of the Environment Award
*Prior evaluation system which supports Oita Operations' waste water treatment.
*Environmental communication relating to the Kitahana river.
Japan Semiconductor Corporation  Oita Operations
FY2015 Kawasaki City Award for Environmental Contribution Promoting energy saving measures address global warming Toshiba Corporation Komukai Complex
Yokohama Environmental Action Awards
Yokohama 3R Dream Promotion Award
Award for Business Sites with Outstanding 3R Activities Toshiba Corporation Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company Ofuna Office
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