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Low-power processor with 2D graphics engine: TZ1200

TZ1200 ARM® Cortex®-based processors omit need for external graphics controller, enabling smooth functioning of the graphical user interface (GUI) while maintaining small footprint. Its dedicated 2D graphics accelerator reduces CPU utilization and power dissipation, enabling smooth functioning of the graphical user interface (GUI). The integrated audio interfaces such as voice-trigger or voice-command, 2D graphics accelerator and MIPI-compliant LCD driver ensure impressive user experience.

ApP Lite™ TZ1200 Applications (Video)

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Product features

  • Low-power design

  • Target active current consumption of 70 micro amps per megahertz (MHz) in normal operation mode

  • Single package for the wearable application

⁻     Support various I/Os such as I2C, UART, SPI to enable use of external sensors and peripheral devices to monitor the duration and
      level of physical activity, thereby promoting exercise and healthy lifestyles.

⁻     High-performance 2D graphics accelerator enabling smooth functioning of the graphical user interface (GUI).

⁻     Data security supporting AES and SHA256 as well as the integration of a true random number generator.

⁻    Embedded data compressor and decompressor

  • Incorporated 2.2MB high speed memory

  • High-precision AFE

⁻     Up to 4-channel voltage/current/impedance multi-sensing

⁻     3 configurable amplifier modes with few additional external components, instrumentation
       amplifier/transimpedance amplifier/programmable gain amplifier (PGA)

⁻    Up to 22-bit effective number of bits (ENoB)


  • The TZ1200 series works with the power management software for about one week in pulse measurement applications or for about one month in watch applications with a 200 mAh battery.
  • The high-precision Analog Front End (AFE) circuit, which is an improvement on the previous TZ1000 series, measures extremely weak signals (about 10 microvolts), such as EEG or EMG (brain or muscle scans), as well as impedance, that can be used to determine the stress level index by calculating skin resistance.
  • By integrating the software and various services, the data measured by the AFE can be utilized to create new applications as well as target new markets.
  • The TZ1201XBG provides designers with the flexibility to specify the most suitable memory ICs and capacities for their devices.
  • Together with the embedded data compressor, the TZ1201XBG enables large-capacity data storage for long periods of time without frequent uploading of data.


IoT and wearable devices with displays, such as activity monitors and smart watches.


Part number  TZ1201XBG (PDF/1.78MB)
CPU ARM® Cortex®-M4F
Maximum Frequency up to 120 MHz
Embedded SRAM 2.2 MB
e-MMC 2 ch
External bus 1 ch
Graphics accelerator 2D
LCD Controller MIPI® DBI Type B, Type C, DSI
GPIO 120 bits
 I2C  (Master/Slave) 2 ch
 UART 4 ch
DMA 16 ch
AES 128/192/256-bits key length
True random generator 1 unit
Compression &
1 unit
SPI 4 ch
Quad SPI for
Flash memory
PWM 8 ch
32-bit Timer

2 ch

Watchdog Timer

1 ch

Instrumentation amplifier・

×1 ~ ×4


×1 ~ ×32

12-bit ADC

16 ch

24-bit ADC

4 ch



LED driver

4 ch


USB 2.0 Device 12 Mbps, 1 port 4

bidirectional endpoints

package dimensions
(W × L × H , mm)

8.0 × 8.0 × 0.6

Mass Production

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* MIPI is a licensed trademark of MIPI Alliance, Inc. in the U.S. and other jurisdictions.

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