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TC90514IXBG: OFDM Demodulation and Error Correction IC for ISDB-T Digital Terrestrial Diversity TV Reception

  • The TC90514IXBG complies with ISDB-T, a Japanese standard for digital terrestrial television. It performs OFDM demodulation with antenna diversity, which is ideal for mobile receivers, as well as error correction. Up to four-branch maximal-ratio combining (MRC) diversity and adaptive equalization enable stable reception at high speeds.
  • The TC90514IXBG incorporates a dedicated OFDM demodulator and an error correction circuit that comply with narrow-bandwidth ISDB-T. This allows for either one-segment broadcast reception or channel search, independently of four-branch diversity reception.
  • The TC90514IXBG supports demodulation for Earthquake Early Warning information using the Auxiliary Channel (AC) carrier. The demodulated information can be shifted out via the I2C bus.
  • Up to four-branch maximal-ratio combining (MRC) diversity
  • Input signal: Low intermediate-frequency (IF) signal with a center frequency of 3 to 5 MHz or a direct IF signal (57 MHz)
  • Output signal: MPEG-2 TS stream
  • Package: P-FBGA177-1111-0.65
  • Operating ambient temperature: -40 to +85℃
  • Supply voltages: 1.2 V, 3.3 V (I/O)
  • Process: 65 nm

Block Diagram

This is the block diagram of the TC90514IXBG: OFDM Demodulation and Error Correction IC for ISDB-T Digital Terrestrial Diversity TV Reception.


Functions 4+1 Antenna Diversity Receiver
Four-branch diversity reception Supported
Independent one-segment ISDB-T demodulation
(Simultaneous full- and one-segment TV reception)
13-segment: Four-branch diversity
1-segment: Non-diversity
Background channel search TV reception: Four-branch diversity
Channel search: Non-diversity (one-segment)
Simultaneous reception of a data broadcast program Data reception: Four-branch diversity
TV reception: Non-diversity (one-segment)
Earthquake Early Warning using the AC carrier Demodulated data can be shifted out via an I2C bus
Speed limit for mobile reception More than two-times improvement over the predecessor, TC90504IXBG, thanks to intercarrier interference suppression for fast fading environments

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