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M060 Group


Standard Microcontrollers with Integrated USB in a Small Package


  • Low-pin-count and low-capacity ROM
    Packaging: 48-, 57- and 64-pin
    ROM: 128 KB
  • On-chip USB device controller
    On-chip USB device in a small package


  • Tablets
  • PC
  • Digital equipment
  • Industrial controllers
  • Office equipment

System Block Diagram (Sencer Hub)

System Block Diagram (Sencer Hub)


Microcontroller with a Power Calculation Engine Ideal for Measuring Instrument Applications


  • Three 24-bit ΔΣAD Converters
     Three independent ADCs allow simultaneous, high-precision measurement.
     On-chip programmable gain amplifier
  • Power calculation engine (PCE)
     Support for active, reactive and other types of power measurement
  • On-chip LCD driver (40 seg x 4 com)
     Displays various application data


  • Smart meters
  • Monitoring of power inside equipment
  • Healthcare products
  • HEMS equipment
  • Measuring instruments

System Block Diagram (Smart meters)

System Block Diagram (Smart meters)

TX00 Series M060 group Product List

Product list

TX00 series M060 group products will be displayed.

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Evaluation Kit

Chip One Stop,Inc AdBun-M066(TMPM066) evaluation board
Included hardware : TMPM066 evaluation board
 USB cable
AdBun-M066(TMPM066) Image

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