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TX19A/H1 Series

Low-power 32-bit RISC microcontrollers featuring high-speed operation at 100 MHz and enhanced floating-point arithmetic
The TX19A/H1 Series of 32-bit RISC microcontrollers realizes approximately twice the processing speed of the TX19A Series, and offers enhanced floating-point arithmetic capability. These high-speed and low-power microcontrollers are ideal for digital consumer applications where increasingly high-performance and high-functionality products are being developed.

Features of TX19 Family

Features of TX19 Family

Processor Core Features

32-bit RISC architecture
  • Instruction set upward-compatible with MIPS I and MIPS II ISAs
  • TX19A/H1: Operating frequency = 100 MHz
  • Nonblocking loads
  • DSP feature
    • 32-bit multiply-accumulate (MAC) operations take only one clock cycle to execute.
  • Optimized 3-stage pipelining
  • Single-precision floating-point unit (FPU) (TX19A/H1)
  • Debug support unit (DSU)
    • EJTAG
Features suitable for embedded applications
  • Reduced code size due to 16-bit instructions
    • Object-code-compatible with the MIPS16 ASE
  • Code generation optimized for embedded applications
    • n-bit shift instructions, etc.
  • Increased real-time capability
    • Faster interrupt response, shadow registers for saving register contents, etc.
Low power consumption
  • Power-optimized design using low-power cell libraries
  • Low-power modes
    • Clock gear
    • Dual clocks
    • Various standby modes
  • NAND FLASH™ featuring low-power and high-speed program/erase


Product list

You can search for a TX19A/H1 Series Product by categories of functions, characteristics, or packages. [Datasheets can be downloaded here.]

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