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Toshiba to Launch Small Package Microcontroller with Built-in Pre-driver for Motor Control

30th November 2015

Highly efficient motor control for small appliances enabled by tiny microcontroller

Toshiba to Launch Small Package Microcontroller with Built-in Pre-driver for Motor Control

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its TX03 series of ARM® Cortex®-M3-based microcontrollers with the launch of the TMPM37AFSQG. The new IC is the world’s smallest[1] vector control[2] microcontroller that incorporates Toshiba’s Vector Engine Plus (VE+)[3] coprocessor and a pre-driver[4] to enable brushless DC motor control.

The TMPM37AFSQG pre-driver can directly drive MOSFETs for complementary three-phase PWM output with a minimum unit of 25ns. This makes the microcontroller ideal for controlling small motors, server fans, small cooling fans, vent fans, electric fans, ceiling fans, pumps and toys. The microcontroller core is powered from the pre-driver voltage enabling the use of a single-power supply to drive the entire device.[6]

Equipped with an ARM Cortex-M3 core capable of running at speeds of up to 40MHz, a 12-bit AD converter and an on-board vector control platform, the TMPM37AFSQG enables highly efficient, low vibration and low noise motor control, greatly improving motor performance.

Also integrated into the device are an op-amp[6] essential for current detection using a single shunt resistor[7] and a comparator[8] for over-current detection. All functions have been incorporated in a small package (VQFN32 5 x 5 mm, 0.5 mm pitch), designed to minimize mount space.

Sample shipments will start in the middle of January 2016.


[1]: Of the microcontroller based on ARM® Cortex®-M3 that incorporates vector engine and pre-driver. Toshiba survey, as of November 30, 2015.

[2]: Vector Control: Advanced technology which efficiently controls motor rotation from low to high speeds.

[3]: Vector Engine Plus: Toshiba’s original coprocessor for vector control that operates independently from the CPU in the microcontroller

[4]: Pre-driver: Required for driving power devices such as a FET, MOSFET or an IGBT.

[5]: Single power supply operation is possible when the pre-driver operation voltage VM=12V. If VM=24V the 5V power for the microcontroller should be supplied externally.

[6]: Op-Amp: Operational Amplifier.

[7]: Shunt resistor: A series resistor for current measurement.

[8]: Comparator: A device that compares two voltages or currents.

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