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Healthcare, Medical

If healthcare and medical devices come equipped with Bluetooth® low energy,

Healthcare, Medical

  • Measurements can be automatically sent to compatible smartphones.
  • Graphic presentations of various (daily, hourly or other) data sent to smartphones give a clear representation of changes in the data.
  • Real-time data can be easily sent.
  • If data are sent to your family members or medical facilities through cell phone lines, a quick and correct response can be expected.

Characteristics of Toshiba products suited for healthcare and medical applications

Button battery operation with ultra-low power dissipation
Peak supply current: 3.3mA(@Tx), 3.3mA(@Rx)
Supply current during standby: 50 nA
Interfaces for connecting to sensors and other peripheral devices
Equipped with ADC, I2C, and SPI
Linkage with smartphones

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* Bluetooth® is registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.


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