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Junction Box

汽車接線盒有兩種類型:使用機械繼電器和使用MOSFET作為半導體繼電器的接線盒。 為了滿足機械繼電器驅動應用的需求,東芝開發了SSM3K337R,這是一款採用小型封裝(前一代產品的安裝面積的85%)的MOSFET,具有用於感性負載的有源箝位電路。東芝還提供適用於半導體繼電器應用的採用DPAK +和TO-220SM(W)封裝的功率MOSFET。


System Block Diagram


Block Type Package Part Number Polarity/Generation Feature
Mechanical Relay MOSFET SOT23F SSM3K337R Active Clamp Nch 38 V/2 A, 0.28Ω@4.5 V
UFM SSM3H137TU Nch + ZD 34 V/2 A, 0.28Ω@4.5 V
MOSFET + ZD PS8 TPCP8R01 Nch + ZD 60 V/2 A, 0.44Ω@4.0 V, VZ = 43 V
Semicon. Relay MOSFET DPAK+ TK100S04N1L Nch / VIII 40 V/100 A, 2.3 mΩ, Tch = 175℃
TO-220SM (W) TK200F04N1L Nch/ VIII 40 V/200 A, 2.3 mΩ, Tch = 175℃
IPD PS-8 TPD7104AF BiCD process 1 ch Nch MOSFET Gate drive.
Power Supply BipTr New PW-Mold TTA005 NPN -50 V/-5 A/hFE 200 min
Voltage Regulators SSOP20 TB9005FNG BiCD process Single output (external transistors required), LDO (5 V), Watchdog timer, Topr: -40 to 125℃
SSOP16 TB9021FNG Single output (with integrated output transistors), LDO (5 V, 200 mA), Window-Watchdog timer, Topr: -40 to 125℃



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.