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ApP Lite (Application Processor Lite)

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Toshiba ApP Lite is designed to support the diversification of IoT devices and changing times using popular Arm® Cortex® processors.


ApP Lite 處理器比較

The TZ1000 series all-in-one package solution incorporates Arm® processor, sensing, and communication functions. It can be used for the development of small-scale IoT products.
The TZ1200 series with 2.2 MB of SRAM can create stunning graphics and process additional function, voice trigger. It makes to enhance user experience.
The TZ2100 is an application processor which supports the human machine interface (HMI) such as 2D graphics, camera input interface functions and so on. It allows to transmit data to the cloud using various communication interfaces.


Part number TZ1011MBG TZ1021MBG TZ1031MBG TZ1041MBG
Core Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU
Operating frequency 48 MHz
Gyro sensor
2D graphics accelerator
Communication Bluetooth® v4.0
low energy
Bluetooth® v4.0
low energy
Bluetooth® v4.0
low energy
Encrypt engine
12bit ADC input 4 ch
24bit ADC input 3 ch
ENOB 19 bit
Package P-LFBGA
Pin 153 110 153 136
Part number TZ1201XBG TZ2100XBG TZ2101XBG TZ2102XBG
Core Arm® Cortex®
-M4 with FPU
Arm® Cortex®-A9
Operating frequency 96 MHz
(Up to 120)
300 MHz 600 MHz
SRAM 2.2 MB 1 MB + 32 KB
Gyro sensor
2D graphics accelerator
Communication 10/100 Ethernet MAC
Encrypt engine
12bit ADC input 16 ch 4 ch
24bit ADC input 4 ch
ENOB 22 bit
Pin 210 310

* Arm和Cortex是Arm有限公司(或其子公司)在美國和/或其它國家的商標或注冊商標。

* Bluetooth®是Bluetooth SIG公司的注冊商標,該商標已經授權給東芝公司進行使用。

* 所有其它商標和商品名稱是它們各自所有者的財產。


CargoSence Inc. Environment sensing logger BLACK BOX LOGGER

CargoSense Inc.
Environment sensing logger
TZ1000, a microprocessor for IoT devices, is incorporated

Monitoring logistics environment of cargo transportations has been one of important issues for cargo shippers.
CARGOSENSE Inc. offers a cloud service to track and monitor logistics environment using “BLACK BOX LOGGER” incorporated TZ1000.

The BLACK BOX LOGGER enables to track temperature, light, humidity, pressure, shock, and tilt with TZ1000's Bluetooth® low energy communication technology and sensors. Its operation could last for about 2 months on a single power charge. Logged data will be recorded and stored in integrated flash memory of the device, and downloaded into devices such as PC through USB, which could then be used for data analysis.

For additional information, Please see CargoSense's web site :


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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.