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IGBT Gate-Pre Driver

Opto-Isolated IGBT Gate Pre-Driver IC for In-Vehicle Inverters TB9150FNG

Electrical isolation and high-withstand voltage isolation are achieved by a built-in photocoupler for communication between control (the primary side) and drive (the secondary side). It incorporates a highly-precise IGBT temperature detection function, a flyback transformer controller and a short circuit detection function (current sense and *DESAT monitor) that all contribute to system downsizing.
*DESAT: desaturation


  • IGBT Gate Pre-Driver (ability of driving 2 IGBTs in parallel)
  • Built-in isolation device (Photocoupler)
  • Miller clamp control function, Soft turn-off function
  • Short-circuit detection functions (current sense、DESAT)
  • Overcurrent detection function
  • Power supply voltage decline detection function (Primary side、secondary side)
  • IGBT thermal shutdown detection
  • IGBT temperature monitor function (measurement accuracy: ±3°C (max))
  • Built-in flyback transformer controller
  • Built-in SPI communication interface


  • Supply voltage: 6 V to 20 V (primary side), 11 V to 18 V (secondary side)
  • Isolation voltage: 2500 Vrms (AC, 1minute)
  • Operating temperature: Ta = ‒40 to 125°C
  • Package: SSOP48

Block Diagram

This is the block diagram of TB9150FNG IGBT Gate-Pre Driver.

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