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Introducing a new microcontroller that helps meet European IEC 60730 standard by reducing burden of software processing

European IEC 60730 safety standard

Compliance with the IEC 60730 standard has been mandatory for all home appliances sold in Europe since October 2007. The standard was enacted for the purpose of performing periodic self-diagnoses on all finished products in use for early detection of malfunctions and failures thereby protecting consumers from any potential risks.

The standard classifies applicable equipment into three categories:

  • Class A: Equipment not requiring a fail-safe function (such as lighting fixtures)
  • Class B: Equipment requiring a fail-safe function (such as washing machines)
  • Class C: Equipment requiring an advanced fail-safe function (such as combustion equipment)

The following indicates examples of recommended self-diagnostic tests for microcontrollers in Class B finished products.

  • Diagnosis of stack failures of program counters
  • Diagnosis of interrupt cycle abnormalities
  • Diagnosis of abnormalities in microcontroller clock frequency
  • Diagnosis of memory abnormalities (ROM/RAM)
  • Diagnosis of abnormalities in external interface (communications)

In order to enable detecting a clock frequency without using software, we have added a clock frequency detection circuit to microcontrollers. In our product line you will find the solution for applications that need to comply with IEC60730 without modifying your set board.

Sample software for self-diagnostic tests

Toshiba has prepared sample software for self-diagnostic tests supporting Toshiba's microcontrollers to be used in Class B finished products (which require a fail-safe function). The sample software enables set manufacturers to smoothly incorporate self-diagnostic tests in their control software, and helps realize software that makes full use of the capabilities offered by Toshiba's microcontrollers.

“Self-Diagnostic Testing Sample Software (SP-870-102)”

  • Instruction manual
  • Sample programs in C language and assembly language versions


    • RAM Memory Test (0x55, 0xAA R/W Test)
    • RAM Memory Test (March-C Test)
    • Checksum Calculation
    • CRC Calculation (CRC-CCITT)

    The sample programs are offered in C language and assembly language versions. For microcontrollers other than the TLCS-870/C1 Series, use the C sample programs.

The “Self-Diagnostic Testing Sample Software” is available for download on the Application Notes page.



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.