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近距離無線傳輸技術TransferJet™ compliant IC


TC35420是一款無線IC產品,支援用於近距離無線傳輸技術的TransferJet™ 標準。TransferJet™ 的聯盟為這個技術確定了標準。該IC 器件通過採用RF-CMOS工藝將TransferJet™ 功能,即無線、資料信號處理、主機介面和存儲介面的功能集成在單一晶片上。

TransferJet™-Compliant IC產品線
封裝 特徵
TC35420XLG 無線IC
TJM35420XL 接收器模組
TJM35420US microSDIO 卡
TJM35420UX / TJM35420AUX
TJM35420MU / TJM35420AMU
USB Adapter for Windows® PCs
MicroUSB Adapter for AndroidTM Smartphones
TransferJet Adapter for iPod, iPhone and iPad


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TransferJet™ is a close proximity wireless transfer technology featuring simple operation, safe communication and efficient transfer of data.

Simple Operation

Just touching two devices

Create digital signage and digital kiosks
Create digital signage and digital kiosks

Intuitive operation: two devices are brought into physical contact so that files are transferred automatically. No need for complex setup, device pairing or the use of access points. Point-to-point connectivity with no host/target relationship. Data transfer can take place between mobile phones and stationary PCs, as well as between two mobile/handheld devices.

Safe Connection

A Short transmission distance means user can specify and restrict which other devices can be connected

Photo exchange between two smartphones
Photo exchange between two smartphones

Short transmission distance minimizes leakage of data, without the need for difficult security measures or setup procedures. Users can register their electronic products to enable TransferJet™ to recognize and connect to specific devices only, minimizing the risk of unintended unauthorized access.

Efficient Transfer

Very High-speed transfer


Physical layer transmission rate is 560 Mbps, maximum data throughput is 375 Mbps. Just a few seconds needed to transfer a one-hour TV program (e.g., in MPEG4, 170 MB). Capable of adjusting the appropriate data transmission rate according to the quality of the wireless medium. Even if conditions deteriorate, TransferJet™ can maintain the highest possible wireless link by automatically adjusting the data transmission rate. As TransferJet™ is a close proximity wireless system that radiates very low-power radio waves, it causes virtually no interference to other wireless systems, and there is no impact on performance (no interference) even if multiple users simultaneously use TransferJet™ in nearby areas.

TransferJet™ and TransferJet™ logos are licensed by the TransferJet Consortium.

Where Toshiba’s Technology Excels

TransferJet Coupler Technology

TJM35420USQ microSDIO Card
TJM35420USQ microSDIO Card

A TransferJet system consists of a coupler and a transceiver IC. Unlike conventional antennas, the TransferJet coupler is designed to reduce far-field electric field components and amplify close electric field signals.

The following describes a small TransferJet coupler for microSD card applications realized using PCB traces.

Measuring only roughly 12 mm by 2 mm, this TransferJet coupler can be etched onto small boards such as microSD cards.

The following figures show that the electric fields over both the X-Y and X-Z planes are properly coupled to the TransferJet coupler.

This shows the coupling of electric field radiation over the X-Z plane to the standard TransferJet coupler.

X-Z Plane

This shows the coupling of electric field radiation over the X-Y plane to the standard TransferJet coupler.

X-Y Plane


TransferJetTM簡單、安全、快速和穩定; 所以其越來越廣泛地應用于各種應用場合,像家庭用品、辦公室用品、手機和汽車電器等



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.