Air Cleaner Solutions

Cleans Dirty Air by Linking "Filtration" with High-performance Filters and IoT
Air Cleaner Solutions

Air cleaners were developed due to air pollution that occurred during the period of high economic growth. Today, it is often used to remove so-called air pollutants. However, it is increasingly used for hay fever and PM2.5, which have recently become a social issue, and filter performance and fan capacity are improving. And what has been increasing in recent years is the linkage function with smartphones and smart speakers. Sensors detect the condition of air. These sensors allow you to check the content of PM2.5, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other substances with dedicated applications and voice. They also allow you to switch the operation of air cleaner from a remote location or from outside. In addition, air cleaners have been developed that use artificial intelligence (AI) and clouds to realize automatic operation suitable for users by learning how to use the users and to fit their homes, and that also provide functions that link air conditioners and air cleaners to adjust room air to the best condition. To realize these functions, optimization of power supplies for MCUs and wireless SoCs, improvement of motor control efficiencies and sensing circuit designs are important. Toshiba offers ultra-low-noise CMOS operational amplifiers, power management ICs such as LDO regulators, and intelligent power ICs, contributing to the realization of evolving air cleaners.


  • Stable power supply to MCUs and wireless SoCs with ultra-low current consumption and high-speed load response LDO regulators
  • Realize both small board size and heat dissipation performance by proposing a surface mount package with excellent heat dissipation (High Voltage Intelligent Power ICs)
  • High-precision amplifying of weak sensor signals by an ultra-low-noise CMOS operational amplifiers
  • Useful application notes, reference designs, and other documents on the web save design cycle time

Power Management

Motor Drive

Dust Monitor

Other block diagrams

Power supply circuit
Example of flyback type AC-DC converter circuit
Application / Air cleaner
Main motor drive unit (When AC motor is used)
Example of circuit using AC motor
Application / Air cleaner
Operation unit (Example of Key/LED)
Application / Air cleaner
Operation unit (Example of touch panel)
Application / Air cleaner

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