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Camera Module

Example of Camera Module Block

Circuit Description

Camera Module

Camera module that uses CMOS sensors becomes increasing in response to higher pixels and higher video quality. Camera modules are generally divided into three functions: analog, digital, and I/O. The power supply voltages required for each function may differ. In order to achieve the high-performance shooting demanded by the system, a high-performance power supply is required such as stability of power supply against instantaneous increasing current and minimization transient response of power supply at that time. Toshiba's LDO regulators are also superior in low dropout characteristics to stable the supply by load transient response characteristics even when the supply current increases or decrease, and ripple rejection characteristics to highly compress ripples on the power supply line. Compact and light LGA packages and WCSP packages are lineup, and can be mounted immediately near the camera module.

Feature low noise, stable output voltage, low power consumption, and small packages products meet high-performance needs while satisfying local regulations.

Product name

(Width×Length×Height mm)

Product Overview

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Low Dropout 105mV (Typ.) (@IOUT=500mA), VOUT=1.2 V (Typ.), IOUT=500 mA (Max)



Low quiescent current 0.34μA (Typ.) (@IOUT=0mA), VOUT=1.2V (Typ.), IOUT=300mA (Max)



Low quiescent current 0.34μA (Typ.) (@IOUT=0mA), VOUT=1.8V (Typ.), IOUT=300mA (Max)



Low quiescent current 0.34μA (Typ.) (@IOUT=0mA), VOUT=2.8V (Typ.), IOUT=300mA (Max)



Low quiescent current 0.34μA (Typ.) (@IOUT=0mA), VOUT=3.3V (Typ.), IOUT=300mA (Max)

Offering in small packages for protecting various interfaces and using unique process technology providing high ESD tolerance.

Product name

(Width×Length×Height mm)

Product Overview

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SOD-882 (CST2)

VRMW=+/-3.6 V, VESD=+/-20 kV, IPP=2 A, Ct=0.3 pF


SOD-962 (SL2)

VRMW=+/-5.5 V, VESD=+/-30 kV, Ct=8.5 pF

Other Circuit Description

Power Management

Other block diagrams

Power supply circuit
Example of power supply circuit using devices with various protection functions
Application / Smart speaker
Wi-Fi®/ Bluetooth® solution
Example of wireless communication circuit with external device
Application / Smart speaker
Ambient light sensor
Example of ambient light sensor circuit
Application / Smart speaker
LCD backlight
Example of LCD backlight drive circuit
Application / Smart speaker
Image processing section
Example of image processing processor peripheral circuit
Application / Smart speaker

Other Technical Content

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