Surveillance Camera Solutions

Increasing demand of Functions and High resolution video
Surveillance Camera Solutions

Today’s changing in the social environment, the purpose and applications have been expanded to public safety, disaster prevention, safety, etc., so constantly monitors through Internet connection utilizing image analysis technology have been expanding. With the expansion of Internet and high-speed large-capacity communication and the dramatic development of image processing technology, the transition from analog cameras to IP cameras (network cameras) advances, and storage and transfer in HD recording become possible, and it rapidly expands with low cost. Power management and signal quality are particularly challenging with highly functional surveillance cameras. By using MOSFET and high-performance, high-performance power management ICs that use Toshiba's newest processes, power management is realized to efficiently operate various functions with high-function LSIs. The lineup includes TVS Diodes (ESD Protection Diodes) and eFuse IC for protecting the internal circuitry from power-line failures.


  • Low on-resistance with new process technology MOSFET of power supply circuitry enables high-efficiency operation
  • Wide power management ICs lineup for realization of various power management application
  • Both low operating resistance and low capacitance ensure high signal protection performance and signal quality
  • Compliance with New Safety Standards (IEC-62368-1) (eFuse IC)
  • Useful application notes, reference designs, and other documents on the web save design cycle time

Camera Power

Camera Storage Interface

Recording unit storage power

Other block diagrams

Detail of camera motion section
Application / Surveillance Camera
Details of power supply circuit / Power supply
Example of a power supply circuit considering reverse connection prevention of a battery for real time clock (RTC)
Application / Surveillance Camera

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