Thermostat Solutions

Contributes to Product miniaturization, Long-life operation and Improvement of Quality and Reliability
Thermostat Solutions

The thermostat market is expected to grow rapidly in the future. That is because demand for energy-efficient HVAC solutions accelerates and sales of various smart home devices increase rapidly. Efficient energy savings, smart control, and reduced unit energy costs are key parameters that drive industry growth in the future. In addition, what is required for future thermostats is not just HVAC control, but also small and many functions are operated for a long time, such as dimming the smart lights to create a dinner party's atmosphere or activating your favorite digital playlist from any room in the house with sound. To achieve this, it is essential to reduce the power consumption of the various circuits and to reduce the size of the components installed. It is also essential to extend the service life in constant operation, as the system is constantly operating and, once it becomes unusable, will seriously interfere with our lives. The use of Toshiba's advanced, high-performance power management ICs helps to reduce current consumption in the active and sleep states and extend the life of the entire system. In addition to these power-management ICs, Toshiba will continue to contribute to technological innovations in future thermostats by offering high-performance discrete products such as photocouplers with isolation functions to protect the thermostats from the noises that HVAC systems constantly generate.


  • Supports power circuit design with abundant power management ICs to meet requirements
  • Reducing standby current of power management ICs for energy saving of systems and contributing to low power operation
  • Reduction of board space by miniaturization of packages for compact equipment
  • Compliance with safety standards (UL and cUL) (photocouplers)
  • Useful application notes, reference designs, and other documents on the web save design cycle time

Power Supply Circuit

Interface Circuit

Other block diagrams

Power supply circuit (1)
Example of power supply circuit of MCU
Application / Thermostat
Power supply circuit (2)
Example of AC-DC converter circuit
Application / Thermostat
Power supply circuit P-ch MOSFET type
Example of charging circuit using P-ch MOSFET from USB
Application / Thermostat
Power supply circuit N-ch MOSFET type
Example of charging circuit using N-ch MOSFET from USB
Application / Thermostat
Isolation circuit
Example of an isolation circuit using photorelay (replacement from mechanical relay)
Application / Thermostat
Panel display circuit
Example of LCD panel display driving circuit using MCU
Application / Thermostat
Temperature sensor circuit
Example of the circuit using operational amplifier for amplifying temperature sensor signal
Application / Thermostat
Ambient light sensor circuit
Example of the circuit using operational amplifier for amplifying ambient light sensor signal
Application / Thermostat
Humidity sensor circuit
Example of the circuit using operational amplifier for amplifying humidity sensor signal
Application / Thermostat

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