Wireless Earphone Solution

For Long Time Operation with a Small Battery on a Wireless Earphone
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The wireless earphones market is expanding due to improvements in audio delay during gaming and video playback, as the wireless earphones comply with Bluetooth® 5.0 and the communication speed increases. Wireless earphones have a built-in battery, but the size of the earphone housing is limited, so the size of the battery also decreases. This tiny battery should drive wireless communications, audio codecs, speakers, hands-free microphones, and even microphones with noise-cancelling function. Not only operating many functions, but also long time operation is required. So it is necessary to save power in electronic circuits and to perform efficient power management. In recent years, a fully isolated type of wireless earphone, called a true wireless earphone, has no cables on either of the left or right earphones, and is the most attractive category. Toshiba's lineup includes LDO regulators designed to realize power supply management for efficient operation of various functions with high functional LSIs with limited battery capacity of wireless earphones, and TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes) designed to protect batteries and internal circuits from power line abnormalities. These products have compact and lightweight package to realize low current consumption and long time operation with a small battery of wireless earphones.


  • Low operating current of power management ICs for system energy savings
  • Compatible with immunity test standards (IEC-61000-4-x) (TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes))
  • Additional functions in a small and light package for reducing board space
  • Useful application notes, reference designs, and other documents on the web save design cycle time

Wireless Earphones

Earphone Case

Other block diagrams

Power supply lines (Load switch) for earphones case
Example of power supply circuit using MOSFET
Application / Wireless Earbuds
Battery management for earphones case
Example of power supply monitoring circuit for battery charging and discharging system
Application / Wireless Earbuds
External connector for earphones case
Protection circuit example of external connector part
Application / Wireless Earbuds
Battery management for earphones
Example of power supply monitoring circuit for battery charging and discharging system
Application / Wireless Earbuds
Power supply circuit for earphones
Example of power supply circuit using LDO Regulator
Application / Wireless Earbuds
Circuit protection for earphones
Protection circuit example of internal IC
Application / Wireless Earbuds

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