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Microcontrollers for Automatic Washing Machines

Low noise and low vibration are required for automatic washing machines, because they are used in the living space. Thus, the latest washing machines use the inverter control both for washing and spin drying, and help reduce noise and vibration. High-precision control achieved by the Vector engine enables a washing machine to adjust the amount of water and motor torque to suit the washload. Microcontrollers are used for controlling both the IGBTs for motor drive and the system.

The Basic Concept of The Product

Motor Control Microcontrollers (with Vector Engine)
Microcontrollers are used for controlling both the IGBTs for motor drive and the system. Microcontrollers for washing machines need the capability to efficiently control the torque and the amount of water suitable for the amount of laundry. We now widen our portfolio of microcontroller with a Vector Engine(M370 Group(Note)), for controlling multiple motors efficiently and smoothly. The Vector Engine is a dedicated hardware that automatically performs basic processing of the Vector control (coordinate transformation, aspect conversion and SIN/COS computation) and executes the PI controller to control electric current. The Vector Engine, operating in conjunction with 3-phase PWM output circuit and 12-bit AD converter, reduces software processing and CPU load.
Circuits of the Vector Engine consist of the following sections:
  • Arithmetic unit to execute processing (called a task for Vector Engine).
  • Scheduler to control the operation of tasks.
  • Interface between an AD converter and PWM output.
An interrupt signal from an AD converter activates the Vector Engine. The Vector Engine acquires data from the AD conversion result register and executes computing such as coordinate transformation and aspect conversion. Complex computation using complicated software is no longer required, because the Vector Engine automatically performs the PI control for controlling speed, aspect conversion using space vector and puts data into the PWM output circuit. Users can significantly reduce the CPU load (Using our sample software, software processing time was 1/4). Users can also use their software for controlling flexible parts such as rotor position and speed.

Note: Arm® Cortex®-M3 Microcontrollers : TX03 Series

* Arm and Cortex are registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere.

System Block Diagram

System Block of Microcontrollers for Automatic Washing Machines Go to Microcontroller Lineup for Panel Control Go to Microcontroller Lineup for Motor Control


Features of Microcontrollers for Automatic Washing Machines Panel Control Motor Control

Panel Control

  • LCD driver/LED driver

Recommended products >> TMP89FW20A / TMP89FW24A / TMP89FS60

Motor Control

  • Vector engine (VE)
  • PMD circuit for controlling motors


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