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Photocouplers ideal for programmable logic controller (PLC) applications are listed below.


Recommended Products

Block Type Feature/Package Recommended Devices
I/O module High-speed photocouplers ±input TLP2395, TLP2398: 5 Mbps
: 10Mbps
SO6 TLP2301: 20kbps
TLP2309: 1 Mbps, TLP2355: 5 Mbps,
TLP2361: 10 Mbps, TLP2366: 20 Mbps
SO8 1 ch: TLP2409, TLP2405, TLP2468
Dual: TLP2105, TLP2161
Transistor-output photocouplers SO4/SO16 1 ch: TLP293, TLP292
4 ch:TLP293-4, TLP292-4

Categories of Related Devices

NAND Flash Memory


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