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Battery Management


Toshiba provides MOSFETs, diodes, photocouplers and other devices necessary for battery management.
Toshiba’s MOSFET portfolio includes both P- and N-channel devices with high quality and reliability suitable for use in lithium-ion battery protection circuits.
The U-MOSIX-H series fabricated with the latest low-voltage UMOS process features low conduction losses and therefore helps improve battery life.
Toshiba’s photocoupler portfolio includes photorelays for detection of short-to-ground faults and logic-output photocouplers for high-speed communication applications. These devices help reduce the power consumption and improve the reliability of battery management systems.


Battery monitoring unit

Photorelay Photorelay Isolation (High-speed Photocoupler) Isolation (High-speed Photocoupler)

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Lithium-ion battery protection

Lithium-ion battery protection
  • Battery Packs for Notebook PCs
  • Battery Packs for Power tools
  • Battery Packs for Smart Phone
  • Battery Packs for Digital Camera
  • Battery Packs for other mobile device



Name outline Date of issue
Describes the lineups of MOSFET 9/2017
Describes the lineups of power and small-signal MOSFETs by package 3/2016



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