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Buck Power Supplies

Buck power supplies are the most common type of non-insulated DC-DC converters utilized as power sources for mobile devices and CPUs with a capacity in the range of a few watts to more than 100 watts. MOSFETs with high-speed switching performance are used since buck power supplies operate at a higher frequencies than the other types of power supplies. Demand for even higher efficiency is driving a shift to synchronous rectification. Toshiba is expanding the portfolios of its latest UMOS-Ⅷ-H and UMOS-Ⅸ-H series with high-speed switching performance and low on-resistance ideal for buck power supply applications.

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Name Outline Date of issue
Describes the features of the DTMOSV series and the improvements from the previous series 9/2017

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  • DTMOS Applications (Noise Reduction)
Describes the mechanism of noise generation and noise reduction techniques 9/2017 coming soon

Application Note

Application note
Name outline Date of issue
Describes planar, trench and super-junction power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes the absolute maximum ratings, thermal impedance and safe operating area of power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes electrical characteristics shown in datasheets 11/2016
Describes how to select power MOSFETs, temperature characteristics, the impacts of wires and parasitic oscillation, avalanche ruggedness, snubber circuits and so on 11/2016
Describes thermal equivalent circuits, examples of channel temperature calculation and considerations for heatsink attachment 2/2017
Describes the guidelines for the design of a gate driver circuit for MOSFET switching applications and presents examples of gate driver circuits 8/2017

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Describes the oscillation mechanism of MOSFETs for switching applications 8/2017

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