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Business Overview

Organization and Business Activities

Storage Products Division

The Storage Products Division is promoting the efficient storage and processing of big data in cloud computing, which is indispensable for the realization of smart communities, as a source of "total storage innovation" and is supplying distinctive, high-quality products applying the latest technologies according to diversified storage demand. As the only company possessing HDD, SSD and NAND flash memory technologies, we aim to become the leader in the integrated storage industry.

Discrete Semiconductor Division

Discrete semiconductors are semiconductor elements that have a single function, such as diodes and transistors. With its technologies accumulated over many years, our discrete semiconductor business has numerous products that are ranked among the top three worldwide. The Discrete Semiconductor Division applies its comprehensive capabilities to the development of a wide range of key devices that enhance the efficiency of electric power utilization, centering around the three major product categories of power devices, small-signal devices, and photocouplers. These products play a vital role in various fields from household appliances to mobile devices, IT, automobiles, and industrial and energy-related social infrastructure.

Mixed Signal IC Division

Mixed signal ICs are integrated circuits that mediate analog and digital signals. Power supply ICs, which supply energy, and drivers, which provide the motive energy for various types of external equipment (motors, LEDs, etc.), are used in almost all electrical products. In order to realize high performance, high integration, low power consumption and low cost, analog design technology and process differentiation technology are important core technologies in this field. The Mixed Signal IC Division is responsible for analog products (motors, power supplies, communications, vehicle onboard systems, etc.) and focuses on three fields: motor control as the mainstay, communications (Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi), and vehicle-mounted systems including image recognition products.

Logic LSI Division

The Logic LSI Division focuses its efforts on the advancement of various technologies including those related to sensors, data transmission and low power consumption, as well as the proposal of solutions for multimedia and mobile devices. In order to reduce development periods and development costs, which are important issues in the field of advanced digital equipment, this division is responding to the demands of the market by designing and offering strategic products with the ApP Lite™ application processor, eliciting new sources of added value, and the FFSA™ (Fit Fast Structured Array), which makes it possible to realize high-performance system-on-chip (SoC) products with low power consumption.

Center for Semiconductor Research & Development

The Center for Semiconductor Research & Development is in charge of research and development connecting the Corporate Research & Development Center and the technology sections of Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company. The Center is involved in a broad range of research and development activities, from fundamental research in such areas as basic technologies for new devices, process technologies and RF/analog circuit technologies through to the latest nonvolatile wireless systems, SoCs and software. The results of this research and development are utilized in the strategic products of Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company and are contributing to the development and growth of the company's business.

* Bluetooth® is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such mark by Toshiba is under license.

* Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

* ApP Lite and FFSA are trademarks of Toshiba Corporation.

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