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SD Card Host Controller

The TC358780XBG is an SDHC/SDXC card controller that incorporates a CPRM engine and a UHS-I interface. Content protection can be realized by using the TC358780XBG with firmware. Additionally, the TC358780XBG provides great flexibility for new multimedia services through firmware.

※A license is required to develop systems using an SD memory card. For details, contact the SD Card Association.


TC358780XBG SD Card Host Controller


The product photograph of TC358780XBG.
  • Incorporates an SD card host controller compliant with UHS-I (SDIO Version 3.0) to provide fast read and write cycles
  • Fast card-to-card transfer thanks to the two-channel SD card host controller
  • Supports large-capacity SDXC cards
  • Host interface: SDIO Version 2.0
  • Incorporates GPIOs for control of peripheral functions
  • CPRM support (Firmware is required. Ask your local Toshiba sales representative.)

General Specifications

General Specifications of the TC358780XBG
Supply voltages 1.2 V (Core), 1.8 V & 3.3 V (HOST I/F), 1.8V/3.3V (SD I/F)
Package dimensions 5.0mm × 5.0mm (64 pins)
Status / Availability Mass Production


Interface Bridges (Mobile Peripheral Devices)


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