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Wireless Power Charger ICs

Toshiba develops products based on WPC’s Qi* Low Power and Mid Power specifications. A wireless power transfer system of up to 15W is possible, enabling deployment for applications ranging from wearables to industrial machinery.

* : Qi is an international standard for wireless charging, defined by the Wireless Power Consortium.

System Block Diagram

This image shows a system block diagram of wireless power transfer.

Wireless Power Charger IC Lineup

Product List

Wireless Power Charger IC Lineup
Search the entire wireless power charger IC lineup for products that meet your performance specifications.

Function Part Number Output Power Feature Package
Receiver TC7763WBG 5 W 1-chip solution (Qi v1.1.2) WCSP28
TC7764WBG 5 W 1-chip solution (Qi v1.1.2)
External FOD adjustment *1
TC7765WBG 10 W Over 5 W *2
TC7766WBG 15 W 1-chip solution (Qi v1.2)
Transmitter TB6865AFG 5 W - 10 W Qi v1.1.2, 1-device charging
Qi v1.1.2, 2-device charging
Over 5 W *2
ARM® Cortex®-M3 *3
TC7718FTG 15 W Qi v1.2, 2-coil charging QFN36

*1 : Foreign Object Detection
*2 : Toshiba 10W solution
*3 : ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere. All rights reserved.



Package WCSP28


Package VQFN36


Package LQFP100


This image shows the roadmap of the wireless power charger ICs.

Wireless Power Transfer Applications

This image shows wireless power transfer applications.


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