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List of Dual-Supply Level Shifters for SD card

An ultra-compact voltage level shifter IC is available that, in addition to signal level shift functionality, incorporates peripheral components - namely, an ESD protection device, an EMI filter, and an LDO - and employs WCSP which contributes to reductions in mounting area.

List of Dual-Supply Level Shifters for SD card
Part Number Compliance(*2) Integrated LDO regulator Package
High Speed
Normal Speed
T3GF3WBG + Selectable output between 2.9 V and 1.8 V.
+ Power supply not-capable for SD card.
WCSP25 : Ball pitch 0.4mm
( 1.96 mm × 1.96 mm t0.67 mm )
T3GE9WBG × + Fixed output: 2.9 V
+ Power supply capable for SD card.
WCSP24 : Ball pitch 0.4 mm
( 2.05 mm × 2.05 mm t0.67 mm )
  • (*2) Normal Speed (12.5 MB/s), High Speed (25 MB/s) ⇒ Signal voltage 2.7 V~3.6 V
  • UHS-I: SDR12 (12.5 MB/s), SDR25 (25 MB/s), DDR50 (50 MB/s) ⇒ Signal voltage 1.8 V
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