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Speech Synthesis Middleware: ToSpeak™

ToSpeak™ is Text-To-Speech software IP that enables smooth and natural reading of text data while running on the CPU and memory of a local device.


Smooth Reading
  • Using Toshiba's proprietary technology, ToSpeak™ delivers smooth and natural speech with uniformly high sound quality.
Clear and Natural Sound Quality even with Small Memory Footprint
  • Clear sound quality is kept enough even with only a few megabytes of memory for the synthesis unit dictionary (voice database).
Small Computational Cost
  • With its compact size, ToSpeak™ can work in real-time even when run on local terminals. In this case it eliminates the problem of network delay, which is unavoidable with cloud solutions.

This figure shows the features of ToSpeak about sound quality and memory size.

The comparisons between ToSpeak™ and the Conventional Speech Synthesis Technology

Product Lineup

Name Features
ToSpeak G1 Music vocabulary dictionary available (option)
ToSpeak G2
Expands the selection of voices
Custom voices available (option)
Reading adjustments possible through tags embedded in the input text
Music vocabulary dictionary available (option)

Select from Two Configurations

Two configurations are available. Feel free to contact us and select the best configuration for your application.

Features of the SYN Configuration
  • Takes a string of phonetic symbols as input and adds natural prosody and intonation
  • Eliminates the need for linguistic analysis and thus saves memory.
This figure shows the features of the SYN configuration.
Features of the TTS Configuration
  • Accepts plain text as input and converts it into speech.
  • Supports phonetic transcriptions as input.
This figure shows the features of the TTS configuration.

Benefits of Using Speech Synthesis

Click this image to hear a sample voice.

Route guidance of a car navigation system

ToSpeak™ enables route guidance including a huge number of proper nouns with a natural-sounding voice. ToSpeak™ can be upgraded through simple maintenance of a phonetics database; it is unnecessary to record utterances spoken by professional narrators.

Drive assist

Draws a driver's attention with voice warnings.

Hands-free phone calls

You know who is calling without taking your eyes off the road.

Reading out the delivered information

You can make ToSpeak™ read out content delivered from information service providers.

Reading out emails

Why not add voice messages to make your emails friendlier?

Other Language Samples




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