BLDC Motor Drive

Examples of peripheral circuits for fans using HV-IPDs and compressor drive circuits using MOSFET

Circuit Description

Examples of BLDC Motor Drive Block Diagram

BLDC motors have features such as energy saving, long life, low noise, small size and light weight. The energy-saving effect of using BLDC motors is great, and the replacement with motors is progressing in various parts. BLDC motors play a major role in replacing parts that require functionality and long life, particularly in the case of functions requiring controllability, as well as parts requiring long service life. Air conditioners use compressor motors and fan motors for outdoor units and fan motors for indoor units. Of these, compressor motors have the largest capacity, and their impact on total efficiency is significant, so energy-saving and high-efficiency technologies have evolved from early on. Recently, it has become difficult to differentiate itself by improving the efficiency of compressors alone, and because the efficiency at low loads has also become a problem due to the introduction of Annual Performance Factor (APF), energy-saving and high-efficiency are being promoted even for fan motors in outdoor and indoor units.

The high-breakdown-voltage intelligent power ICs employ latest high-voltage micro SOI (Silicon On Insulator) processes and a compact surface-mount package, enabling compact, high-efficiency BLDC motor drive with low switching-loss and slight peripheral components.

In addition, Toshiba offers a lineup of MOSFET with low on-resistance and high heat dissipation efficiency, which are suitable for use with external driver type motor controllers for large-capacity brushless motor drives, to solve the problems required of BLDC motors.

Offering squarewave- and sinewave-control product lineups, covering 250V to 600V rated voltage and 0.7A to 5A rated current for home-appliance motors and industrial motors.

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(Width×Length×Height mm)

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VBB=600V, IOUT(DC)=2.5A

BLDC motor driver



VBB=600V, IOUT(DC)=0.7A

PWM control BLDC motor driver

By using a MOSFET with low on-resistance and high heat dissipation efficiency as a driver, a set with low heat generation and low power consumption can be realized.

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(Width×Length×Height mm)

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N-ch, VDSS=600V, ID=20A,


Other Circuit Description

AC-DC Power Supply

Sensor Input

Other block diagrams

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