Sensor Input

Example of an optimized circuit using an Opamp for amplifying sensor signals

Circuit Description

Example of Sensor Input Circuit Block Diagram

Today, Internet and IoT are becoming increasingly popular, allowing home appliances to be operated not only by staying at home but also by smartphones from outside. Air conditioners can provide comfortable environment when returning home by setting the desired room temperature from outside. In addition, when you are at home, it is possible that more functions can be used to distinguish between "hot" and "cold" sensations and make each individual comfortable.

In this case, the temperature setting using the temperature sensor is considered as an example. The temperature sensor used to measure the temperature range to be measured and the object to be measured will vary depending on how accurately the sensor is used. However, while a typical semiconductor temperature sensor is highly accurate and sensitive, its output signal is an analog signal that is a weak signal, and therefore, even if it is directly input to an AD converter, digital signal conversion cannot be performed with high accuracy in most cases.

Toshiba offers a lineup of CMOS operational amplifier TC75S67TU that are suitable for accurately amplifying such weak analogue signals. TC75S67TU achieves a low noise level of 6 nV/√Hz (f=1 kHz, GV=40 dB, typical) input referred noise voltage, and uses latest CMOS process to simultaneously achieve low current dissipation.

In addition, Toshiba offers TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes) to protect internal circuits from unexpected external ESDs that can destroy end products.

Offering low-noise-type, ultra-low-current-consumption-type, and input/output full-range-type (Input/Output Rail-to-Rail) products.

Product name

(Width×Length×Height mm)

Product Overview

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Ultra Low Noise Operational Amplifier,

VNI=6nV/√Hz (Typ.) (VDD=2.5V, f=1kHz)

Offering in small packages for protecting various interfaces and using unique process technology providing high ESD tolerance.

Product name

(Width×Length×Height mm)

Product Overview

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SOD-962 (SL2)

VRMW = +/-5.5V, VESD = +/-30kV,

IPP = 4A, Ct = 8.5pF


SOD-882 (CST2)

VRMW = 5.5V, VESD = +/-30kV,

IPP = 10A Ct = 90pF


SOD-962 (SL2)

VRMW = +/-3.6V, VESD = +/-20kV,

IPP = 2A Ct = 0.2pF


SOD-962 (SL2)

VRMW = +/-5.5V, VESD = +/-20kV,

IPP = 2A, Ct = 0.2pF

Other Circuit Description

AC-DC Power Supply

BLDC Motor Drive

Other block diagrams

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Example of a protection circuit using a photocoupler that protects against noise applied from a harness between board communication
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Sensor input section (Outdoor unit)
Example of a circuit using an operational amplifier for amplifying sensor signals
Application / Air Conditioner

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