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Analog / Digital Converter (ADC)

Function explanation : [Function explanation]

Simulation : [AD conversion]

Function explanation

  • TMPM369FDFG contains two units of 12-bit sequential-conversion analog/digital converters (ADC) with 16 analog input channels.
  • The unit A has four input channels (AINA0 to AINA3). The unit B has 12 channels (AINB0 to AINB11).
  • The unit A and unit B has two modes: The single unit mode which is operated independently, and the dual unit mode which is operated in cooperation by the interleave control circuit.
  • The block diagram of unit A is shown below. The number of input pins and register names of unit A are different from those of unit B.
Function explanation
  • The AD conversion can be started by software, external trigger, and 16-bit timer (dual unit mode only).
  • The operation modes of the AD conversion are as follows: Fixed-channel single conversion mode, Channel scan single conversion mode, Fixed-channel repeat conversion mode, and Channel scan repeat conversion mode.
Operation mode Channel designation Repeat
Fixed-channel single conversion mode A single specified channel one time only
Channel scan single conversion mode Two or more specified channels one time only
Fixed-channel repeat conversion mode A single specified channel Repeat
Channel scan repeat conversion mode Two or more specified channels Repeat
  • Operation modes of top-priority AD conversion: a specified channel is converted from analog to digital during converting scanning and repetition, and stored in the top-priority AD conversion result register.
  • AD monitor function: The result of the AD conversion is compared with the value of the compare register. Moreover, when the value of the judgment counter matches the specified value, interrupt occurs.
  • The unit A and unit B can operate in cooperation.
    • Interleave mode: after the unit A starts conversion, the unit B starts conversion when the time reaches the set time.
    • Trigger start mode: unit A starts conversion with the odd-number-th trigger. Unit B starts conversion with an even-number-th trigger.
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