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Interview of motor solutions

Toshiba Motor Solutions Toshiba offers total solutions for a wide variety of household appliances.

Since the 1990s, the world has been working together to save energy to protect the global environment.
Japan has been actively engaged in energy-saving activities, such as introducing the Top Runner Program in June 1999. Consequently, Japan now leads the world in energy conservation technology.

To meet the Top Runner targets, Japanese manufacturers are required to greatly improve energy efficiency of all their home electrical appliances.

Since air conditioners, in particular, consume a lot of power when they operate, much effort has been devoted to reducing their power consumption.
Use of a DC motor for outdoor compressors has been the norm for years in Japan, but overseas, the migration from induction motors to synchronous motors began in earnest only a few years ago. The purpose of using synchronous motors is to enable intricate inverter control over the compressor behavior in order to reduce power consumption, acoustic noise and vibration.

Ever since the Top Runner targets were set for home appliances, Toshiba has endeavored to provide semiconductor devices to address the needs of home appliance manufacturers.
In line with its commitment to delivering optimal solutions, Toshiba now offers all kinds of semiconductor devices for motor applications—motor control MCUs, motor driver ICs and intelligent power devices (IPDs)—the first company in the industry to do so.

Features of the Toshiba Motor Control MCUs

  • An innovative coprocessor enables easy and cost-effective vector control that helps reduce the power consumption, acoustic noise and vibration of a motor.
  • The motor control MCU integrates a CPU, a coprocessor and peripheral circuit blocks on a single chip to improve performance, safety and space utilization.
  • Use of the industry-standard ARM® core with the Toshiba-original support environment helps design teams save a lot of time and effort to realize desired motor control.

→ Nobuyuki Ishigouoka, an application engineer, 
describes the features of the Toshiba motor control MCUs. 

Features of the Toshiba Motor Driver ICs

  • Fabricated with the 0.13-μm process, Toshiba's motor driver ICs help improve motor performance with small footprints and manageable costs.
  • At an industry-leading integration level, Toshiba's motor driver ICs incorporate various fault detection features for improving the safety and reliability of motor applications.
  • Toshiba boasts over 30 years of experience in motor drivers and offers the most extensive portfolio of motor driver ICs in the industry.

→ Sadao Ikeda, an application engineer, 
describes the features of the Toshiba motor driver ICs.

Features of the Toshiba Intelligent Power Devices (IPDs)

  • Fabricated with a Toshiba SOI process, Toshiba's IPDs integrate output elements and control circuitry on a single chip.
  • Toshiba's IPDs can be controlled via an MCU for variable-speed control of a brushless DC motor.
  • Toshiba's IPDs are available in a low-on-resistance DIP26 package that is physically small and thin and provides electrical isolation between high-voltage/high-current and control pins.

→ Ichiro Takahashi, an application engineer,
describes the features of the Toshiba IPDs.

Since Toshiba offers a complete portfolio of semiconductor devices for motor applications, our application engineers can quickly identify market trends and customer needs. We have a system in place to share information among all engineers. Toshiba offers optimal total solutions by combining MCUs, motor driver ICs and IPDs in a flexible manner and develops new devices and systems that will address future needs.

Total solutions are available not only in Japan but also in fast-growing China and Southeast Asian countries.

Toshiba will continue to expand its semiconductor portfolio for motor applications and actively offer solutions to meet customer needs.

*ARM is registered trademark of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere. All rights reserved.


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