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Sub-GHz transceiver IC for Automotive TC32306FTG

The block diagram of the TC32306FTG transceiver IC
The block diagram of the TC32306FTG transceiver IC
  • The product operations were checked with a X'tal of the following manufacturers.
  • NX3225SC EXS00A-CS03981 (30.320MHz), NIHON DEMPA KOGYO CO., LTD.
  • CX3225SA30320B0GPQCC, KYOCERA Crystal Device Corporation

Features of TC32306FTG

Click here to link to the TC32306FTG detail page (datasheet download)

  • Operating supply voltage range: 2.0 to 5.5 V
  • Current consumption: When Vdd = 3.0 V (FSK modulation)
    RX: 9.7 mA
    TX: 12 mA (at +10 dBm output)
    Battery saving : 0 µA (Typ.)
  • TX output: 0 dBm, +5 dBm, +8 dBm, +10 dBm (Adjustable in steps of approx. 0.5 dB)
  • High receiver sensitivity (12-dB SINAD) -117 dBm@IFBW = 270 kHz (FSK, Data Rate = 600 Hz, fdev = ±40 kHz)
  • Multi-band operation: 315 MHz/434 MHz/868 MHz/915 MHz
  • Data rate (TX/RX) = 300 Hz to 10 kHz, on-chip digital bit rate filter
  • Multi-channel (Fractional-N PLL, 5-kHz frequency step width)
  • Supported Modulation: FSK/OOK (ASK)
  • Two IF Filter bandwidths: wide 320 kHz(typ.) at IF = 230 kHz/middle 270 kHz(typ.) at IF = 280 kHz
  • Signal detections: preamble detection, noise detection (Only for FSK), RSSI detection
  • Fast response (On-chip digital high-speed comparator)
  • Serial control: Read/Write mode, 4-wire serial interface (SPI)

* TC32306FTG is an RF transceiver. Toshiba also offers RF receivers. For details, contact your Toshiba sales representative, or ask to Contact us page.

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