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TCD1256GAG features an ultra-small package[1] close to the silicon sensor die size and one-seventh that of Toshiba's current 16pin GLCC package. It can minimize scan engine dimensions and allows expansion of the bar code reader application field.

The TCD1256GAG shares the electrical characteristics and functions of the TCD1254GFG including the electronic shutter function, able to take stable video signals without saturation under ambient light conditions. Moreover, an on-chip sample and hold circuit simplifies analog signal processing and reduces board layout area.

[1]:TSV (TSV : Through Silicon Via) Package

Key Features(Value of TSV package)

  • Supports reduction in PCB cost:PCB size shrink with small package
  • Reduction of environmental load:Packing and product weight saving


  • Barcode readers, Scan engines, POS systems, Measuring instruments

Product Introduction

Part number TCD1256GAG
Effective number of Image Sensing Elements 2500 elements
Image Sensing Element Size 5.25 μm × 64 μm
Power Supply 3.0 V (min)
Data rate 2 MHz (max)
Package 26 PIN WCSP*
Package Size 15.044 mm (L) × 1.014 mm (W) × 0.66 mm (H)
Function Electronic shutter, Sample and hold circuit

*WCSP: Wafer Level Chip Scale Package


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