Toshiba Launches Lens Reduction Type, 5340-Pixel by 3-line Linear Image Sensor for Office Automation and Industrial Equipment

May 9, 2019

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation


TOKYO—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") today launched "TCD2569BFG," a lens reduction type, 5340-pixel by 3-line color CCD linear image sensor for office automation and industrial equipment that realizes 24 lines per millimeter resolution for an A4-size document. Mass production shipments start today.


More and more users want A4-size multifunction printers that can deliver the same high image quality and high speed operation as A3-size models, especially for scanning objects other than documents, three-dimensional objects with very high reflectance and shiny objects. Scanning these objects with conventional lens reduction type CCD linear image sensors often results in blooming of the sensor and horizontally streaked images—and the output signal voltage of the sensor in the blooming area often exceeds the maximum input voltage range of the analog front-end IC.


“TCD2569BFG” offers high image quality with less color registration by reducing the spacing between pixel arrays (red-green, green-blue). A built-in sample and hold circuit lengthens the video output signal period of the sensor and contributes to easier design of high speed scanners for use in office automation equipment and industrial equipment. On top of this, 4-volt saturation output voltage in the CCD shift register reduces blooming. Installing a clipping function ensures the output signal voltage is held below 1.8 volts, which prevents output signal voltage from exceeding the maximum input voltage range of the analog front-end IC.

Key Features

  • 2-line spacing between pixel arrays (red-green, green-blue)
  • Longer video output signal period with built-in sample and hold circuit
  • Maximum output signal voltage of 1.8 volts with clipping function

Application Examples

A4-size multifunction printers, image scanners, input devices for measuring equipment and color sorting machine

Main Specifications

Part Number
Pixel Size 5.25μm by 5.25μm
Line Spacing (Line Distance)

2 line spacing (10.5μm)

Effective Pixel Number 5340 pixels by 3 lines
(A light source + CM500S)
Red: 13.2 V/lx×s; Green: 15.0 V/lx×s;
Blue: 5.9 V/lx×s
Maximum Clock Pulse Frequency 35MHz
Power Supply Voltage
(Operating Range)
9.5V to 10.5V
Maximum Output Voltage 1.8V
Saturation Output Voltage of
CCD Shift Register
4.0V (min)
Others / Additional Features Sample and Hold Circuit
Clamp Circuit
Output Fluctuation Reduction at Power-on

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