Efficient, scalable network storage capacity is vital for enabling business teams and content creators to work collaboratively. Toshiba NAS HDDs provide a range of storage capacities to help businesses and content creators share common storage resources and preserve valuable digital assets.


N300 Pro
Up to 24 drive bays, Workload up to 300 TB/year, CMR*
Up to 8 drive bays, Workload up to 180 TB/year, CMR*
MN Series
Up to 20TB/7200 rpm/CMR*

*CMR: Conventional Magnetic Recording

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  • Instructions for Dispose
    Please dispose in accordance with local rules.
  • Instructions for erase of the data on the HDDs in case of dispose or transfer
    HDDs incorporated in personal computer or several home appliance may record personal data and/or other important data as signal. In order to avoid disclosing such data, it is important to erase it when you dispose or transfer the HDDs.
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