Reduction of Waste Materials Generated

Industrial wastes, such as plastic waste, wasted chemicals, and sludge from wastewater treatment arise in manufacturing processes of semiconductors, etc.
With the aim of building a recycling-oriented society, the Group is engaged in the measures in each of the following three stages as part of the efforts for reduction of industrial waste accompanied by business activities and for contribution to the resource recycling: 1) Input stage, such as putting materials; 2) Manufacturing processes at each base; and 3) Output stage at each base.

1) In the input stage of putting materials, etc., in the first place, it is important to minimize the materials and chemicals used for manufacturing products. Considering the effective use of the resources from the designing process of the products, we try to minimize the input materials and chemicals.

2) In the manufacturing processes of each base, we optimize the amount of materials and chemicals to be used through process-improvement activities and reuse some of the chemicals in the same process so as to reduce the amount of wastes produced.

3) In the output process of each base, we promote recycling of resources through thorough waste separation, and try to minimize the amount of waste that is brought to the final disposal through selling the valuables as resources and recycling the waste that can be recycled.

Reduction of Waste Materials Generated
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