We offer a lineup of compact digital-output magnetic sensors that detect the magnetic flux density of a magnet and output digital signals.
Ideal for notebook computers, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries, etc. with open-close functions.


Magnetic Sensors
Toshiba magnetic sensors feature excellent magnetic detection and a small package that is easy to use. We offer the high-sensitivity-type TCS30 series and the standard-type TCS40 series.
Thermoflagger™ (Over temperature detection IC)
Toshiba Thermoflagger™ with PTC thermistor detects abnormal over temperature of electronic devices. This solution can detect a wide area of abnormal over temperature at inexpensive.


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Reference Design

Over Temperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM Application Circuit
This reference design provides design guide, data and other contents of Over Temperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM Application Circuit which can detect over temperature at multiple places within an equipment using PTC thermistor(s).


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