An Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, IGBT, and an Injection Enhanced Gate Transistor, IEGT, are devices that switch power on and off between a collector and emitter by controlling the voltage between the gate and emitter in the same way as MOSFET.
Toshiba IGBT and IEGT can be used in a wide range of applications, from home appliances to infrastructure equipment.


Toshiba discrete IGBTs contribute energy savings in applications, such as IH cooking equipment, rice cookers, kitchen microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners.
The outstanding turn-off performance and the wide safe operating area of IEGTs make it possible to reduce the power consumption, shrink the size and improve the efficiency of equipment.



Air Conditioner
Washing Machine
IH Cooking Heater
Microwave Oven
IH Rice Cooker
Mega-solar Inverters

Reference Design

Photo of Inverter Circuit for IH Cooker
Inverter Circuit for IH Cooker
This reference design provides design guide, data and other contents of Inverter Circuit for IH Cooker based on Voltage-Resonant Soft Switching .
Low EMI Switching
Inverter application example of smart gate driver coupler TLP5214A inverter application.
Smart Gate Driver Coupler TLP5214A Inverter Application
This reference design provides example circuits, design guide of built-in functions and thermal design guide for applying TLP5214A to inverter circuit as gate driver.


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