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Toshiba Launches 600V Sine-Wave PWM Driver IC for Three-Phase Brushless Motors

September 30, 2019

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation


TOKYO—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") today announced the launch of “TB67B000AHG,” a new three-phase brushless motor driver for home appliances such as air-conditioners, air-purifiers, dehumidifiers, and ceiling fans. The new driver is a high-voltage addition to the “TB67B000 series,” which realizes highly efficient brushless motor drive and noise reduction in a single package.


Demand is growing, particularly in emerging economies, for high-efficiency three-phase brushless fan motors that can reduce energy consumption and can manage fluctuations in power voltage. Such motors require higher-voltage PWM driver ICs to maintain high product reliability.


Toshiba’s newly developed 600V TB67B000AHG driver IC is pin-compatible with the current 500V TB67B000HG and can easily replace it. Toshiba is also developing the more compact version “TB67B000AFG” in a small 34-pin HSSOP [1] package which will be available in November 2019.

Main Features

  • 600V rating boosts product reliability 
    Ensures products with greater resilience to voltage fluctuations than the current 500V TB67B000HG. Pin compatibility realizes easy replacement of the current IC.
  • Realizing sine-wave PWM drive with a rating of 600V/2A in a single package
    Sine-wave motor control IC and IGBT (rating of 600V/2A) are integrated in a single package. This reduces the size of mounting area and board layout, and contributes to overall system cost reduction.
  • Low noise and low vibration
    Use of a sine-wave drive system with a smooth current waveform reduces noise, and achieves less vibration than motors with a rectangular wave drive system.


Home appliances such as air-conditioners and air-purifiers, dehumidifiers, ceiling fans, and other industrial equipment.

Main Specifications

Product name

New product

Under development


Current product

Current product

Power supply voltage

(absolute maximum ratings)

For motor operation: 600V For motor operation: 500V
For controller: 18V


(Mounting area: 32.8 × 13.5mm)


(Mounting area: 17.5 × 11.93mm)


(Mounting area: 32.8 × 13.5mm)


(Mounting area: 17.5 × 11.93mm)

Power supply voltage

(operation range)

For motor operation: 50 to 450V
For controller: 13.5 to 16.5V

Output current

(operation range)

Driving method Sine-wave PWM drive/Trapezoidal commutation
PWM frequency 14kHz to 23kHz
Lead angle control

Sine-wave PWM drive: 0 to 58°/32 steps

Trapezoidal commutation: 0 to 28°/16 steps

Input voltage for rotational speed command Motor operation: 2.1V to 5.4V
  • Built-in IGBT three-phase bridge
  • Built-in oscillation circuit (resistor connected externally.)
  • Built-in bootstrap diode
  • Built-in error detection functions: current limiter, thermal shutdown, under voltage lock out, and motor lock detection
  • Built-in regulator circuit
    (5 V/35 mA , 5 V /30 mA)
  • Built-in regulator circuit
    (5 V/35 mA , 7 V /30 mA)

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[1]: Shrink Small Outline Package with Heat Sink

For more information about the new product and the wider line-up, please visit:
To check the availability of the new product and the wider line-up at online distributors, please visit:
  • TB67B000AHG
  • TB67B000HG
  • TB67B000FG

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System Devices Marketing Dept.II
Tel: +81-3-3457-3332


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