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Toshiba Launches Dual H-bridge Motor Driver IC with PWM Control for Mobile Devices and Home Appliances

October 22, 2020

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Launches Dual H-bridge Motor Driver IC with PWM Control for Mobile Devices and Home Appliances

TOKYO—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched an H-bridge motor driver, “TC78H660FNG,” housed in a TSSOP16 package with a widely used pin-assignment. It is Toshiba’s latest addition to its line-up of drivers for brushed DC motors and stepping motors for applications that include mobile devices and home appliances.

Toshiba’s new-generation DMOS process allows TC78H660FNG to achieve a low ON resistance of 0.48Ω at its maximum rating of 18V/2.0A,[1] and reduces heat generation compared with Toshiba’s current products.

The new driver has a regulator for driving internal circuits, and can drive a motor with a single power supply ranging from 2.5V to 16V. Its wide range of applications include mobile devices powered by a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, 5V USB powered devices, and 12V system devices for home appliances. It also supports a low 1.8V interface.


  • Single power drive, simple PWM control
  • Low ON resistance reduces heat generation compared with Toshiba’s current products.
    (Ron=0.48Ω (upper + lower: typ.) @VM=12V, Ta = 25°C)
  • Low current consumption (ultra-low standby current: 0.1μA or less @Ta=25°C)


Battery-powered mobile devices, including robots and toys; home appliances including refrigerators, smart meters, etc.

Main Specifications

Part number


Supply voltage (operating range)

2.5V to 16V

Output voltage
(absolute maximum rating)

18V @ output ON
20V @ output OFF

Output current
(absolute maximum rating)


Number of H-bridge channels


Supported motors

Brushed DC motors (dual-motor control is possible)
Bipolar stepping motors

Output on-resistance (upper + lower)

0.48Ω (typ.)@VM=12V, Ta=25℃

Safety function

Over current detection, thermal shut down, under voltage lockout,

flag output function for over current detection and thermal shut down


Current consumption in standby mode: 0.1μA or less

Single power drive

Support for a 1.8V I/F

Direct PWM control


constant current control without current sense resistor


TSSOP16 (size: 5.0mm×6.4mm)

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[1] Actual motor drive current depends on the use environment and such factors as ambient temperature and power supply voltage. 

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