Toshiba Launches 100V High-current Photorelay for Industrial Equipment

February 5, 2021

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Launches 100V High-current Photorelay for Industrial Equipment

TOKYO— Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched "TLP241B," a high-current photorelay in a DIP4 package for industrial equipment such as programmable logic controllers and I/O interfaces. Samples and production quantities are available now. 

TLP241B has integrated MOSFET based on Toshiba’s latest generation of U-MOS process. With TLP241B, the OFF-state output terminal voltage is extended to 100V, a 150% improvement from the 40V of the current TLP241A. It is housed in a versatile DIP4 package, and is the industry’s first[1] DIP4 packaged product to deliver 100V OFF-state output terminal voltage, 2A ON-state current and 5kV isolation voltage. This rating expansion covers a variety of applications.

TLP241B can replace a 1-Form-A contact mechanical relay. Unlike mechanical relays, TLP241B has no moving contacts to degrade. Its low current drive feature also improves product life. Other benefits are fast response time and PCB space saving due to smaller package size.

Since the maximum operating temperature rating is 110℃, temperature design margins of equipment are easier to obtain.


  • Industrial equipment (Programmable logic controllers, I/O interface and various sensor control, etc.)
  • Building automation systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) and thermostats, etc.)
  • Replacement of mechanical relays (AC 24 to 48V system, DC 24 to 100V system)


  • High ON-state current rating : ION=2A, IONP=6A (Pulsed)
  • OFF-state output terminal voltage rating : VOFF=100V
  • High operating temperature rating : Topr max=110℃
  • General-purpose DIP4 package with gull wing option (SMT) available

Main Specifications

(Unless otherwise specified, @Ta=25℃)

Part number




Absolute maximum ratings

OFF-state output terminal voltage  VOFF  (V)


ON-state current  ION  (A)


ON-state current (pulsed)  IONP  (A)


Operating temperature  Topr  (℃)

-40 to 110

Coupled electrical characteristics

Trigger LED current  IFT max  (mA)


ON-state resistance  RON typ.  (mΩ)


ON-state resistance  RON max  (mΩ)


Electrical characteristics

Output capacitance  COFF typ.  (pF)


Switching characteristics

Turn-on time  tON max  (ms)


Turn-off time  tOFF max  (ms)


Sample Check & Availability

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[1] Among DIP4 packaged photorelays, as of February 4, 2021, Toshiba survey.

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