Toshiba Launches Thin and Compact LDO Regulators that Help to Reduce Device Size and Stabilize Power Line Output

March 3, 2021

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Launches Thin and Compact LDO Regulators that Help to Reduce Device Size and Stabilize Power Line Output

TOKYO—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched the “TCR5RG series” of 45 LDO regulators, all housed in a thin, compact WCSP4F package. The industry-leading[1] high ripple rejection ratio[2] of the new LDO regulators bring enhanced power stabilization to DC power lines for mobile devices, such as wearables. Volume shipments start today.

The TCR5RG series features an industry-leading[1] high ripple rejection ratio[2] of 100dB (typ.), achieved by combining a wide-gap circuit, a low-pass filter that allows only extremely low frequencies to pass, and a low-noise, high-speed operational amplifier. They also feature low output voltage noise and high output voltage accuracy.
Together, these features enable the regulators to contribute to the stabilization of power lines.

The line-up includes 45 products with a maximum output current of 500mA, and output voltages in the range of 0.9V to 5.0V, allowing users to select the output voltage best suited to their application.

Housed in thin and compact WCSP4F packages that measure 0.645mm x 0.645mm, the new LDO regulators are suitable for power line applications in cameras and small devices such as smartphones and wearables requiring high density mounting.


  • Wearables (smart watches and action cameras, etc.)
  • Mobile (smartphones, tablets and portable audio players, etc.)
  • Healthcare (electric shavers, electronic sphygmomanometers and blood glucose meters, etc.)


  • High ripple rejection ratio : R.R.=100dB (typ.) @f=1kHz
  • Low output noise voltage : VNO=5μVrms (typ.) @10Hzf100kHz
  • High output voltage accuracy :
    VOUT min/max= -1.5/1.5% @1.8VVOUT2.8V, Tj= -40 to 85°C
    VOUT min/max= -1.8/1.8% @VOUT>2.8V, Tj= -40 to 85°C
  • Thin and compact WCSP4F package : 0.645×0.645mm (typ.), t=0.33mm (max)

Main Specifications

Part number





Size  (mm)


0.645×0.645 (typ.),

t=0.33 (max)



(@Ta= -40

to 85°C)

Output current  IOUT  (mA)


Output voltage  VOUT  (V)

0.9 to 5.0

Input voltage  VIN  (V)

1.8 to 5.5



(Unless otherwise



Output voltage accuracy

VOUT min/max  (mV)


Tj= -40 to 85°C


Output voltage accuracy

VOUT min/max  (%)


Tj= -40 to 85°C



Tj= -40 to 85°C


Quiescent current

IB(ON) typ.  (μA)



Ripple rejection ratio

R.R. typ.  (dB)

@f=1kHz, Ta=25°C


@f=10kHz, Ta=25°C


@f=100kHz, Ta=25°C


@f=1MHz, Ta=25°C


Output noise voltage

VNO typ.  (μVrms)

@IOUT=10mA, Ta=25°C


Drop-out voltage

VDO typ.  (mV)




Load transient response

⊿VOUT typ.  (mV)





Output voltage slew rate

VOUTSR typ.  (mV/μs)



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Notes :
[1] Among LDO regulators with a maximum output of 500mA, Toshiba survey as of March 2, 2021.
[2] The ripple rejection ratio (R.R.) is the same as the power supply rejection rate (PSRR) indicated on other manufacturers' products.
[3] 45 products. The number showing output voltage goes into "xx".
[4] Except control pull down current (ICT)

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