Toshiba Develops Industry’s First 2200V Dual Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Module That Contributes to High Efficiency and Downsizing of Industrial Equipment

August 29, 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Develops Industry’s First 2200V Dual Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Module That Contributes to High Efficiency and Downsizing of Industrial Equipment

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has developed “MG250YD2YMS3,” the industry’s first[1] 2200V dual silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET module for industrial equipment. The new module has a drain current (DC) rating of 250A and uses the company’s third generation SiC MOSFET chips. It is suitable for applications that use DC1500V, such as photovoltaic power systems and energy storage systems. Volume shipments start today.

Industrial applications like those mentioned above generally use DC1000V or lower power, and their power devices are mostly 1200V or 1700V products. However, anticipating widespread use of DC1500V in coming years, Toshiba has released the industry’s first 2200V product.

MG250YD2YMS3 offers low conduction loss with a low drain-source on-voltage (sense) of 0.7V (typ.)[2]. It also offers lower turn-on and turn-off switching loss of 14mJ (typ.)[3] and 11mJ (typ.)[3] respectively, an approximately 90% reduction[4] against a typical silicon (Si) IGBT. These characteristics contribute to higher equipment efficiency. Realizing low switching loss also allows the conventional three-level circuit to be replaced with a two-level circuit with a lower module count, contributing to equipment miniaturization.

Toshiba will continue to meet the market needs for high efficiency and the downsizing of industrial equipment.

[1] Among dual SiC MOSFET modules. Toshiba survey, as of August 2023.
[2] Test condition: ID=250A, VGS=+20V, Tch=25°C
[3] Test condition: VDD=1100V, ID=250A, Tch=150°C
[4] Toshiba comparison of switching loss for a 2300V Si module and MG250YD2YMS3, the new all SiC MOSFET module, as of August 2023 (performance values for the 2300V Si module is a Toshiba estimate based on papers published in or before March 2023.)


Industrial Equipment

  • Renewable energy power generation systems (photovoltaic power systems, etc.)
  • Energy storage systems
  • Motor control equipment for industrial equipment
  • High frequency DC-DC converter, etc.


  • Low drain-source on-voltage (sense):
    VDS(on)sense=0.7V (typ.) (ID=250A, VGS=+20V, Tch=25°C)
  • Low turn-on switching loss:
    Eon=14mJ (typ.) (VDD=1100V, ID=250A, Tch=150°C)
  • Low turn-off switching loss:
    Eoff=11mJ (typ.) (VDD=1100V, ID=250A, Tch=150°C)
  • Low stray inductance:
    LsPN=12nH (typ.)

Main Specifications

(Tc=25°C unless otherwise specified)

Part number MG250YD2YMS3
Toshiba’s package name 2-153A1A
Drain-source voltage VDSS (V) 2200
Gate-source voltage VGSS (V) +25 / -10
Drain current (DC) ID (A) 250
Drain current (pulsed) IDP (A) 500
Channel temperature Tch (°C) 150
Isolation voltage Visol (Vrms) 4000
Drain-source on-voltage (sense)
VDS(on)sense (V)
ID=250A, VGS=+20V,
typ. 0.7
Source-drain on-voltage (sense)
VSD(on)sense (V)
IS=250A, VGS=+20V,
typ. 0.7
Source-drain off-voltage (sense)
VSD(off)sense (V)
IS=250A, VGS=-6V,
typ. 1.6
Turn-on switching loss
Eon (mJ)
VDD=1100V, ID=250A,
typ. 14
Turn-off switching loss
Eoff (mJ)
typ. 11
Stray inductance LsPN (nH) typ. 12

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