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Toshiba Group Medium- to Long-Term Goals

Toshiba Group The Sixth Environmental Action Plan

In order to realize an ideal state of the Earth in 2050 envisaged by Environmental Vision 2050, the Toshiba Group has formulated their medium-term goals on the environment as the “Sixth Environmental Action Plan” (Activity Period: FY 2017 to FY 2020), and is currently implementing its activities. In formulating this, various factors were taken into consideration, including external factors such as the adoption of the Paris Agreement at COP 21, adoption of SDGs at the UN summit, and the start of operation of the ESG investment. This includes internal factors such as changes in the company’s business structure, and the successes and points for reflection from the Fifth Environmental Action Plan (Activity Period: FY 2012 to FY 2016). Activities the Toshiba Group should be focused on for the coming four years were considered next.

Regarding the contents, we set a total of 15 items with goals over the two areas of “Business (products /services and manufacturing)” and “Management”.

Areas of focus under the Sixth Environmental Action Plan


Business(Improvement of environmental performance for products and services)

We will develop energy-saving products for realizing a low-carbon society through suppression of CO2 emissions, both at the time of manufacturing of products, and during their use, through resource savings, such as in the miniaturization of products, and through reductions in specified chemical substances contained within the products.


Business(Reduction of environmental impact in manufacturing)

We will seek to achieve highly efficient manufacturing that curbs greenhouse gas emissions, chemical substances emissions, waste production, and water usage at each manufacturing base and simultaneously reduces environmental burdens and costs. Management of greenhouse gas emissions and waste production will continue, both in terms of “primary units” and “total amounts”.



In an effort to improve compliance with laws and regulations throughout Toshiba Group, we established “Thoroughness in environmental risk and compliance” as a new item. We will strive to strengthen compliance with global environmental laws and regulations, foster environmental human resource development, and aim to create a system that can constantly monitor risks.

* Please refer to the following URL about 15 activity contents of the Sixth Environmental Action Plan and each target/result from FY2018 till FY2020.

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