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Toshiba's Latest Enterprise Hard Disk Drives Qualified for Microchip Technology’s Adaptec HBAs and RAID Adapters

10 March 2020

Toshiba's 16TB Enterprise Capacity HDD series MG08 demonstrates compatibility with the Microchip Adaptec Smart Storage Platform

Toshiba's Latest Enterprise Hard Disk Drives Qualified for Microchip Technology’s Adaptec HBAs and RAID Adapters

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) announced that Microchip Technology’s (“Microchip”) compatibility testing of the recently launched 16TB[1] 3.5-inch[2] Enterprise Capacity hard disk drive (HDD) from the MG08 series has been successfully completed on all Adaptec host bus adapters (HBAs) and Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) adapters. As a result, companies using Adaptec Smart Storage adapters can now also install Toshiba's 16TB Enterprise drives.

Enterprise HDDs are usually operated in large networks and connected to the host server system via HBAs or RAID adapters. In this respect, the smooth interplay of hard disk drives and HBA / RAID adapters is essential for the functionality and stability of enterprise and cloud storage systems.

The confirmed compatibility of the MG08 series refers to the SATA models MG08ACA16TE (512 byte block) and MG08ACA16TA (4k byte block), as well as to the products with SAS interface MG08SCA16TE (512) and MG08SCA16TA (4k). Tests were carried out on the Adaptec HBA 1100 series HBAs and the Adaptec SmartRAID 3100 series RAID adapters and the still widely used predecessor, the Adaptec Series 8 RAID adapters. Not only were the basic functionality and compatibility of the interfaces tested, but also hot-plug tests, power on tests, and reboot tests were performed. Long-term stability was also confirmed by an extended duration test which is conducted by Microchip. The MG08 hard drives have thus qualified for entry on Microchip's compatibility list.

Rainer Kaese, Senior Manager Business Development Storage Products at Toshiba Electronics Europe explains: “Based on the excellent long-term cooperation with Microchip, we were able to qualify the new HDD generation for compatibility with Microchip’s adapters shortly after the market launch. This is a very important contribution to the implementation of stable storage systems for the constantly growing amount of data."

The previous series of Enterprise Capacity HDDs (MG04 / MG05 / MG06 / MG07) were also tested and qualified in the same way as described above by Mircochip in the past. This also applies to the Enterprise Performance drives of the AL12 / AL13 / AL14 and AL15 series.

Follow the link below for more on the new 16TB Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive - MG08 Series:

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