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New Photorelays from Toshiba Contribute to Equipment Downsizing by Reducing Mounting Density

10th September 2020

Housed in S-VSON4T package, they need a smaller mounting area and offer a maximum operating temperature of 125°C

New Photorelays from Toshiba Contribute to Equipment Downsizing  by Reducing Mounting Density

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) has launched three new photorelays, the TLP3407SRA, TLP3475SRHA and TLP3412SRHA. With a 2.0mm x 1.45 mm footprint, they are some of the smallest voltage-driven photorelays on the market and offer an extended operating temperature rating of 125°C.

Raising the maximum operating temperature rating from 110°C to 125°C allows the photorelays to be mounted in high-temperature areas and making it easier to secure required temperature design margins for equipment. The S-VSON4T package offers currently one of the smallest PCB mounting areas of 2.9mm² and is only 1.3mm high. This compact size will contribute to reducing PCB size or increasing the number of photorelays in an existing layout in applications such as semiconductor testers, probe cards, burn-in equipment and other test and measurement equipment.

The TLP3407SRA features a very small ON-resistance (RON) of typically 0.2Ω, and an on/off switching current as high as 1A, making it ideal for switching applications in high-speed logic IC and memory testers. The device also has a low input power consumption of 3.3mW.

The TLP3407SRA features a built-in input resistance of 4000Ω. The TLP3475SRHA and TLP3412SRHA built-in resistance is typically 600Ω. This eliminates the need for an external input resistor, further reducing the overall design footprint. All devices also offer a low off-state current of 1nA at 50V, and come with low output pin capacitance of 80pF, 12pF and 20pF respectively.

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