Toshiba announces new high voltage laboratory in Germany

New laboratory will provide faster and more detailed support to a growing European customer base

20th January 2022

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) announces that they have established a new high-voltage laboratory (lab) in Germany. In line with the company’s shift in focus towards more power-related products, Toshiba invested this year in infrastructure and equipment such as high voltage power sources, loads and measuring equipment.

The high-voltage lab will be an integral part of Toshiba support and service activities for local European customers for power devices and solutions, specifically wide bandgap (SiC and GaN) technologies. Paired with engineering capabilities, for example, simulations of key power topologies and the design of reference models for power supply (i.e., PFC), inverter and EV charging applications customers can call on local support to optimise their systems related to efficiency and power density.

“The decision to invest comes as a result of recent growth we have seen through an increase in the diversity of applications our products are specified and application-related questions from customers. The new high-voltage lab will allow these to be addressed more rapidly in the customer’s own time zone and language,” explains Armin Derpmanns, General Manager, Semiconductor Marketing, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH.

The high-power facilities are compliant with German regulations such as VDE0100 and will have the capability to test and measure up to 1500V DC and 1000V AC.

It will also enhance the already established engineering capabilities for ASSPs and MCUs, adding now SiC and GaN devices, digital isolators, gate drivers, opto couplers/relays while focusing on key applications in the automotive and industrial market.

The high-voltage laboratory is in full operation since end December 2021. 

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