Toshiba to demonstrate a petabyte scale media storage solution at IBC

Live demonstration on Toshiba booth – with support from partners available

12 September 2023

Toshiba to demonstrate a petabyte scale media storage solution at IBC
Toshiba to demonstrate a petabyte scale media storage solution at IBC

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (Toshiba) will be attending the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) from 15-18 September this year where, among the exhibits on their booth will be a live demonstration of a high capacity, high performance hard disk drive (HDD) based storage solution. Intended for media applications, and based on Toshiba’s MG10 20TB HDDs, the system is capable of up to 1.2 petabyte (1,200 TB) of raw storage.

In digital media storage, capacity requirements are continuously increasing due to the amount and resolution of media being stored. Video and audio footage requires extensive storage at the lowest cost-per-capacity possible, but still at a high reading and writing speed. Ongoing innovation in HDD technology and the surrounding system architecture and components means that HDD based solutions will remain the preferred technology for large and cost effective media storage.

At their booth this year, Toshiba will be featuring a live performance demo of a complete high performance, high capacity storage system, based upon their market-leading HDDs. The system will comprise:

·         Toshiba’s Enterprise 20TB SAS HDD MG10SCA20TE

·         Promise 60-Bay JBOD VTrak J5960

·         ATTO ESAH-12 SAS/SATA Host-Bus-Adaptors

·         ATTO FFRM-N4 100GbE NIC Cards

·         Open-E’s JovianDSS ZFS based SDS software

·         AIC’s SB202-TU PcieExpress Gen4 Server

At the heart of the system will be 60 of Toshiba’s 3.5” 20TB SAS MG10SCA HDDs. The MG10 series features Toshiba’s fourth-generation, 10-disk helium-sealed design to advance Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) density to 2TB per disk.

These 60 HDDs run very efficiently in a Promise VTrak J5960 JBOD, connected to the head-node control server using ATTO’s ESAH-12 SAS Host Bus Adaptors. On the AIC SB202-TU head-node server, the JovianDSS software from Open-E implements a ZFS pool delivering iSCSI targets and shared folders through a 100GbE network based on ATTO’s FFRM-N4 NIC cards to the application demo server.  

IBC 2023 is where the future of the global media and entertainment industry is defined and actioned, bringing the creative, technology and business communities together to collaborate, learn and unlock new opportunities. 

Toshiba can be found in Hall 6, booth 6.A27 where their team and specialists from Open-E and Promise will be available to discuss the live demo. ATTO will provide support from their booth 7.A26 in Hall 7.

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