Toshiba releases power MOSFETs with high-speed body diode that help to improve efficiency of power supplies

New additions to the latest generation DTMOS VI series with super junction structure

9th April 2024

Toshiba releases power MOSFETs with high-speed body diode that help to improve efficiency of power supplies

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) has launched a new range of 650V N-channel power MOSFETs. The TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 in TO-247 package are the first high-speed diode (HSD) type products in the latest generation DTMOS VI series. This generation has a super junction structure suitable for switching power supplies in demanding applications including data centres and power conditioners for photovoltaic (PV) generators.

The two new power MOSFETs use intrinsic high-speed diodes to improve the important reverse recovery characteristics to enhance bridge and inverter circuit applications.. Compared to the standard DTMOS VI products, the TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 achieve a 65% reduction in reverse recovery time (trr) with values of 160ns and 115ns respectively. Compared with Toshiba standard MOSFETs, the new products reduce the reverse recovery charge (Qrr) by 88% and drain cut-off current at high temperatures by up to 90% (TK042N65Z5). Additionally, the key figure of merit (FoM) of “drain-source On-resistance × gate-drain charge” (RDS(ON) * Qgd) has been reduced by approximately 72% compared with Toshiba’s existing TK62N60W5. These significant improvements reduce power losses of equipment, which helps efficiency. For example, in a 1.5kW LLC circuit the TK042N65Z5 shows around 0.4% improvement in power supply efficiency over the previous TK62N60W5.

The new TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 have RDS(ON) values of 42mΩ and 95mΩ, respectively. They are capable of delivering drain currents (ID) up to 55A and 29A. Both devices are housed in a small TO-247 package.

A new reference design for an upgraded 1.6kW server power supply is now available based upon the new TK095N65Z5 device. Toshiba also offers tools that support circuit design for switching power supplies. Alongside the G0 SPICE model, which verifies circuit function in a short time, highly accurate G2 SPICE models, which accurately reproduce transient characteristics, are now available.

In addition to the already released 650V and 600V DTMOS VI products, Toshiba will continue to expand its lineup of DTMOS VI with high-speed diodes to enhance switching power supply efficiency, contributing to energy conservation.

Shipments of both new devices start today.

Read more about the new 650V N-channel power MOSFETs on Toshiba’s website:

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